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Adventure Voyage Programs

90-minute Excursions
You can schedule one of these interactive, educational journeys aboard a Pittsburgh Voyager floating classroom any day of the week. "Adventure Voyages" are 90-minute programs that are available for reservation by groups of any age. Content and presentation are tailored for different age groups. We can help you choose the program that's best for your group! Call 412-231-2712 for more information.

Group Programs
Adventure Voyages can be booked by groups of 20 or more at any time, based on availability. For registration information for groups, click here.

NEW Saturday Adventure Voyages
Our Saturday Adventures will continue this fall with the arrival of our new flagship vessel. Come back to this website for updates about special events and voyages!

Special Tour Group Packages
Pittsburgh Voyager has teamed with local organizations to offer exciting new voyages. To learn more about these special programs, click here.

Sailing Pittsburgh Voyager

Pittsburgh Voyagers It's Alive

Sail into adventure looking for signs of life in the watery world that runs through our city. Search for microscopic plankton in a river water sample. Get up close and personal with our local waterfowl, be puzzled by strange native fish, and hunt for unbelievable creatures from our rivers!

Bridges Of Pittsburgh

Cruise the three rivers learning what makes Pittsburgh the bridge capital of the world! Voyage into Pittsburgh's past when horse-drawn carriages clattered across wooden bridges and hear fascinating tales of fire and floods as you sail through our colorful bridge history. Try your hand at engineering, marvel at the ancient arch construction and build and test several types of bridges.

Traveling the Nautical Road

Enter the world of a riverboat pilot as we sail along the rivers learning about life on the water. Tour the pilot house, learn to use a river roadmap, and discover what makes Pittsburgh the largest inland port in the United States. Help the crew prepare the vessel to get underway, decipher secret messages in code, and make your name in signal flags.

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Bird spotting Cruise

The rivers and islands of Pittsburgh are home to an astonishing variety of birds. From their perch at the top of the river valley food chain, birds can be excellent indicators of other forms of life in the rivers-especially fish. Use binoculars and learn to identify local birds by their behavior, coloration, and body shape. Ducks, geese, and rock doves are guaranteed. With a little bit of luck we'll spot swallows, hawks, kingfishers, coromorants, great blue heron, and more.

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From the Muddy Banks Sprang a City

The Monongahela brought explorers from Virginia representing the British crown and the Allegheny brought the French seeking furs. Their first meetings escalated to war, right here in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Join us for a voyage exploring sites surrounding the long forgotten tale of a once peaceful river valley that came under siege and blossomed into a vibrant city.

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Two Hour Fishing Cruise

Fishing rods provided by Shakespeare Company
The Captain will head for some dependable (and sometimes unusual) fishing spots that shed light on the workings of the river valley ecosystem. Our crew will be available to provide basic fishing support (and a very long net to help get your catch up to the deck). All young persons fishing should be accompanied by an experience "angler." Anyone above the age of 16 who wishes to fish must have a valid PA Fishing License and MUST bring it with them onto the boat. Use one of our Shakespeare fishing rods, or bring your own. Live bait and basic tackle provided. Feel free to bring tackle and bait of your choice.

Pittsburgh Voyager operates under a "catch and release" license. Anyone wishing to keep fish caught should bring their own cooler and ice. Fish cleaning facilities are not available on vessels or dock.

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Three Hour Adventure Voyages

Combine the content from two adventure voyages, or choose an environmental science trip. Call (412) 231-2712 for information and pricing on three hour Adventure Voyages.

Registration Information

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For fees, scheduling and registration information, click here.

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Pittsburgh Voyager TOUR GROUP PACKAGES

Our tour packages can accommodate up to 35 participants per boat. The maximum per time slot is 70 (using two boats) and the group minimum is 20. Our dock is convenient to other North Shore destinations.

Pittsburgh Architecture from the Three Rivers

A joint package program with Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation

View Pittsburgh's spectacular architecture and splendid landscape from the three rivers. Admire the work of prominent architects, noteworthy buildings and bridges that grace the city's skyline. See the city like never before, through the eyes of an architect. Package Price is $20.00 per person.

The War for an Empire A joint package program with the Fort Pitt Museum

Begin your adventure on a voyage of discovery with our program, "From the Muddy Banks Sprang a City." Then stroll through the Fort Pitt Museum, visit the original Fort Duquesne grounds, the BlockHouse and the museum exhibits. Participants will enjoy a box lunch after exploring the museum. Package price is $40.00 per person (includes lunch).

Breakfast is for the Birds! And now you can Join them!

A joint package with the National Aviary, Spend a morning among fine-feathered friends at the National Aviary. Then take a cruise with Pittsburgh Voyager and enjoy a peaceful morning voyage bird watching along the Ohio River. Package price is $40 per person (includes breakfast).

Call (412) 231-2712 for information on details and how to schedule Tour Group Packages. Programs are subject to availability.

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